The Power of Being Prepared

At First Commerce, we care about your personal and financial well-being. As we have learned from recent hurricanes and other natural disasters, storm preparation can help to minimize the negative impact of a hurricane or natural disaster on you and your family. One way to prepare is by assembling a packet of your important family documents. Keep these types of records safe, waterproof, and portable so you have them available after the storm.  

In addition to securing your important documents, it is never too early to build an emergency supply of food, water, flashlights, batteries and other necessities. Gathering supplies incrementally can make your emergency supply list more manageable and effective.  And don’t forget about your pets.  The pet population in the U.S. equals about 59% of the human population. Take the time to create an emergency kit specifically for animals too. 

In the event a storm is predicted to affect your area, use these helpful tips to ensure you have access to your accounts and your funds before and after the storm:  

  • Keep your contact information on file with First Commerce up-to-date so we can reach you if needed. To verify or update your contact information, log on to iBranch! digital banking and click “Services” then “Manage Contact Info.” 
  • Be sure to have cash on hand for essentials to weather the storm such as gas, food and water. In the event of power outages, ATMS and businesses may not have the ability to process debit and credit card transactions.  
  • Enroll in online and mobile banking so you will have access to your accounts anywhere you have an internet connection. Services like electronic bill payments, funds transfers, direct deposit and account alerts can help you stay on top of your finances and minimize chances for late fees no matter where you are. 
  • Check the First Commerce web site at, Facebook and Twitter (@FirstCommerceCU) for updates about financial center hours of operation. Or call us at 850.488.0035 or 800.533.5772 for pre-recorded updates. 

While we can’t control what storms will come our way during hurricane season, we can get ahead of the storm and do our best to prepare now. That’s the Power of You!