iSave! Systematic Savings Account

This account was designed to encourage the development of a systematic savings plan to begin funding for:

  • Emergency Savings
  • Retirement
  • Goals

The iSave! account is a unique savings account that features:

  • A higher dividend rate on the first $1,000.00 deposited
  • Everything over $1,000.00 will earn at the rate of a regular savings account
  • At least one monthly automatic transfer into the account is required.

Current Rates

iSave! Systematic Savings Account

Minimum Balance Dividend Posting Rate Annual Percentage Yield
First $1000 Quarterly 2.25% 2.26%
$1,001 and up Quarterly 0.05% 0.05%


Must be a member of First Commerce's iLiveFIT! program to be eligible for iSave!

For more information or to sign up call 488-0035 or visit any of our seven convenient locations.