Sign Up for Electronic Document Delivery Today

Did you know you can sign up to receive your statements and other credit union documents electronically instead of having them mailed to you? It’s a free service and sign-up is easy. Plus, you’ll benefit from fast, secure delivery every time. Here are just a few of the many reasons to make the switch today.

  1. Fast Delivery. Your documents may be viewed in your online account as soon as they are ready. An email will be sent to you notifying you when your document is available. No more waiting for statements or documents to arrive in the mail!
  2. Increased Security. Unlike paper documents, electronic documents are secured by your online login credentials, therefore, access is limited to only you. With paper documents, there is potential risk that they may be delivered to a wrong address or could be taken from your mailbox by someone wanting to steal your personal information.
  3. Easy Access. With electronic documents, you can access your statement and other financial documents online whenever you want, wherever you are. Documents can be viewed from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  4. Reduce Clutter. Eliminate excess paper and mail. Electronic statements and documents can also be saved onto your computer/external drive or printed for safe keeping – it’s your choice!
  5. Stay Organized. Without having paper documents to file away, you can stay more organized with your finances. Electronic documents can be viewed online for up to 24 months, which can make budgeting and tax filing easier.
  6. Environmentally Friendly. Electronic documents replace the paper version of your statement and other documents we provide. Reducing the use of paper is good for the environment by reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions caused by paper production and transporting mail.

Electronic documents make it easier to access your statements and other credit union documents, anytime, anywhere, and on virtually any device. Sign up for First Commerce Electronic Document Delivery today!

How to Sign Up for Electronic Document Delivery

Signing up for electronic document delivery is easy to do. Follow these quick steps to sign up today! For security purposes you will only see the link for accounts where you are the primary member.

  • Log in to your online account at www.FirstCommerceCU.org.
  • Click on an account tile from the Home (Accounts) page.
  • Once the account details page is displayed, click on the link near the top that says, “Click for statements and tax forms.”
  • You will see a list of all of your electronic documents. From there, click on the link near the top of the page to “My eDocuments Profile.”
  • You will see a page listing all documents that can be sent to you electronically. Use the dropdown menu next to each document you wish to receive electronically.
  • To confirm your selections, click the “Save” button near the bottom of the page.

To subscribe to electronic document delivery, you may also send us a secure message from within your online account or call us at 850.488.0035 or 1.800.533.5772.

Don’t have an online account yet?

To enroll in Online Banking, go to the login page at www.FirstCommerceCU.org and click on “Enroll Today.” If you are enrolling from your mobile device, please download our Apple iOS or Google Play Store app first. You may also refer to our User Guide to help you through the steps. The User Guide offers lots of great information about how to make the most of online banking services.

Fees for Paper Statements (Effective November 5, 2019)

As postal and printing costs continue to rise, First Commerce wants to help members save money by encouraging them to sign up for electronic document delivery. Electronic delivery is fast, secure and free. Effective November 5, 2019, the paper delivery fee will increase from $2 to $3 for monthly paper statements, notices, disclosures, tax notices, etc. sent by postal mail. Members eligible to receive a waiver of the paper delivery fee include members over the age of 65; under the age of 18 (unless they have a SmartStart Teen checking account) and members with an aggregate deposit balance of $150,000 or more.