Card Management

With Card Management Services, the power to control settings on all of your FCCU debit and credit cards is in your hands. Under “Services” in the main menu of digital banking, Card Management Services will allow you to:

  • Freeze and unfreeze your card, or temporary block your card when you have misplaced it or it is out of your possession – Please note that freezing takes effect immediately and unfreezing takes up to an hour for debit cards.
  • Block/cancel a card that is lost or stolen and request a replacement card – Please note that blocking a card will permanently cancel it. If you need a new debit card, with our instant issue service, you can visit any of our 15 locations to pick up a new one (debit cards only).
  • Information about how to request or change a PIN via a secure website or phone.
  • Notify us of upcoming travel plans to avoid your account being flagged with potential fraudulent activity, blocking access while you are on your trip.
  • Request a replacement card – then, with our instant issue service, you will be able to simply visit one of our 14 financial centers to pick up a new card (debit cards only).
  • Request a balance transfer (credit cards only)

Additional instructions and information will display in Digital Banking for each service you select. If you have more than one FCCU card, be sure to carefully select the intended card before activating these services.