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First Commerce partnered with Domi Station on a year-long business incubator and expansion program for existing companies in our area. The leaders who applied were ready to invest the time into focusing on how to power their businesses forward by evolving to the next level. Through a competitive process, 5 businesses were selected for a small focused cohort: Nic’s Toggery, Chop Barbershop, Catalina Café, the FL Aviation Center, and Secure Records Solutions. In this 5-part video series, the participants tell you their success stories from this impactful program. These businesses and our area is sure to reap the benefits for years to come!

Catalina Café

Chop Barbershop

PowerUP: Chop Barbershop from First Commerce on Vimeo.

FL Aviation Center

PowerUP: FL Aviation from First Commerce on Vimeo.

Secure Records Solutions

PowerUP: Secure Records Solutions from First Commerce on Vimeo.