Finding Account and Routing Numbers in First Commerce Digital Banking

If you need to find your First Commerce account number or our routing number, you can easily find both by logging into First Commerce Digital Banking.

Checking and Share accounts display this information slightly differently. For checking accounts tap on the tile for the account for which you need to see the account number.

The default view is a list of transactions on this account. For statements, tap on the “Details” tab. In this view, there is a list of information. Look for “MICR Account Number” for your full account number. Continue scrolling down and look for “Routing #” for the First Commerce routing number.

For Share accounts, you can use the same method to see the routing number. However, there is no MICR account number for Shares. If you are doing a Savings deposit, you can use the number found on the tile on the home screen or displayed larger when you tap the account tile. You only need to use the digits after the zeroes and before the dash. 

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