Setting up iAlerts in First Commerce Digital Banking

Receive notifications when transactions such as transfers, payments or debits post to your account. 

To setup iAlerts, Log in to your Digital Banking account. From the homepage, select the Alerts tab in the left side bar menu. Click the down arrow and select iAlerts from the sub-menu. 

Select the account you wish to setup iAlerts for. You will be re-directed to a secure site to continue setup. From here, select the ‘My Subscriptions’ tab from the top menu bar. Click the ‘Add New Subscription’ located in the right corner. 

Choose the type of alert from the alert type drop down menu. Depending on the field you select, you are prompted to select a delivery method and/or transaction amount. 

Click the ‘save’ button when you are finished. 

You can select multiple alerts for one account. 

To edit or remove an iAlert, click the ‘My Subscriptions’ button. Select the trash icon to remove the alert or select the edit icon to edit the alert settings. 

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