Business Payroll and Prepaid Cards

Payroll cards and employee prepaid cards make life easier for you and your employees! Whether you’re streamlining your payroll process, managing employee expenses, or paying a bonus, First Commerce can help.

  • No credit approval required
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly cost to employer or employee
  • Can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted

Payroll Cards

Instead of writing checks, save time and money by transferring funds to an employee’s payroll card each payday! Employees will enjoy fast free access to their earnings without having to take a check to a bank and you’ll streamline your payroll process.

Prepaid Reloadable Cards

Control employee expenses and keep your budget on track with reloadable prepaid cards. Real-time text or email alerts will help you stay on top of card usage.

First Commerce also offers Payroll Services.

Gift Cards

Award bonuses or incentives, recognize outstanding performance, acknowledge the holidays and more with single-use prepaid gift cards for your employees and clients.

To learn more about Payroll/Employee Prepaid Cards, contact our Business Services Team or visit one of our locations.

$4.95 initial fee per card applies. Other fees may apply, depending on type of card – see terms & conditions.