Empowering People to Enhance Their Financial Well-being

The FCCU Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit subsidiary of First Commerce Credit Union (FCCU), offers free, online education resources and programs to the communities we serve. Currently, this includes a member base in Tallahassee and Marianna, Florida, and Thomasville, Valdosta, Nashville, and Adel, Georgia.

Established in 2015 to formalize FCCU’s commitment to improving financial wellness, the Foundation offers customized workshops to schools, local businesses, nonprofits, and other community organizations on a variety of financial topics.

According to financial insights, 87% of teenagers in the U.S. admit they don’t understand their finances.

Financial Literacy Changes Lives

Financial literacy provides the ability to use knowledge and skills to make financially responsible decisions and to manage resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Help bring financial literacy to life for your students.

Invest in your employees to enhance their financial well-being.

Free financial literacy resources are available.

Learning Tools for Every Age

Competitions for High Schools

Competitions for High Schools

Bring the power of financial education to life with real-world financial experience

Workshops for Your Workforce

Workshops for Your Workforce

Build your employees’ financial knowledge with expert led personalized workshops

Online Courses and Workshops

Online Courses and Workshops

Access our catalog of self-paced courses you can do online anytime

To request information about scheduling a Financial Education Workshop or a Financial Fitness Fair, please email FCCUFoundation@FirstCommerceCU.org.

FCCU Financial Fitness Fair

Fun, interactive money management and decision-making simulation.

The First Commerce Financial Fitness Fair is a free, hands-on, interactive money management and decision-making simulation that gives high school students a taste of real-world financial challenges in a safe environment. As part of this experience, students are assigned a fictional career and financial profile. They are tasked with maintaining a budget for one month and visit various booths that impact their budget—housing, transportation, clothing, insurance, and other life expenses! As in life, there are unplanned surprises and temptations along the way. At the conclusion, students are debriefed by local community experts, and we discuss lessons learned.

This interactive learning is highly engaging and participating students will master:

• Making real-life financial choices in a fun, safe simulation
• Understanding and choosing needs vs. wants
• Budgeting and saving for life’s unexpected surprises
• Connecting with relatable local financial experts, businesses, and community leaders in a purposeful learning experience!

To request information about scheduling a Financial Fitness Fair, please email FCCUFoundation@FirstCommerceCU.org.

“This has made me realize that I need to be better at saving money rather than spending it as soon as I get it.”
– D.J., 12th grade student

“It changed the way I look at how much you can spend in a month and that your job plays a huge role in your ability to spend.”
– Casey, 11th grade student

“The Financial Fitness Fair was a great way for our students to experience what it’s like to make important life decisions and manage their finances as they prepare for life after high school.”
-Angie Lovein, Principal, Berrien High School


Improve your financial knowledge to build a stronger future.

According to financial insights, the average U.S. adult rates their financial knowledge as 6.2 out of 10.

The FCCU Foundation offers free programs that can be delivered in person or online to students, businesses, and community groups. Presentations are typically between 30 minutes to 2 hours in length but can be customized to fulfill your needs. Examples of workshop topics include:

• Banking Basics
• Budgeting
• Considering Home Ownership
• Credit Scores & Reports
• Developing a Business Plan
• How Businesses Obtain Credit
• Identity Theft
• Mortgages
• Mortgage Modifications
• Retirement
• Small Business Banking Services
• Small Business Financial Statements

To request information about scheduling a Financial Education Workshop, please email FCCUFoundation@FirstCommerceCU.org.

“Excellent presentation as evidenced by the engagement of our students. It was amazing how tuned in to the presentation they were, and how they increasingly became participatory in the program. We truly appreciate the support you have given to our financial literacy emphasis.”
William Spiers, Jr., Director of Financial Aid, Tallahassee Community College

“We asked students about your talk, and they said they had learned many valuable things.”
José Batista, GEAR UP Program Coordinator, Pre-College Programs Thomas University

SmartMoney Online

You set the pace of your learning online.

Free financial education courses through SmartMoney Online are self-guided courses completed at your own pace. Topics include:

• SmartStart Checking Account Management
• Building Financial Capability
• Owning a Home
• Financial Foundations
• Investing in Your Future
• Preparing for Retirement
• Small Business Essentials
• Roadmap to Financial Strength (personalized playlist)

To request information about how to schedule a financial wellness challenge at your business, please email FCCUFoundation@FirstCommerceCU.org.

“Thank you very much for offering this program to our employees. We appreciate our partnership with First Commerce.”
Ann Baldree, Senior Vice President Chaparral Boats, Inc.